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Cheers to ideas

''No phones, no laptops… just your brains and a pen & paper.''

What's Cheers to ideas?

Cheers to Ideas aims to bring together creatives of all levels for a relaxed evening of networking and creativity, the good old fashioned way. That’s no phones, no laptops… just your brains and a pen & paper.

This is not a competition or an awards ceremony and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to a be a part of… actually, it’s completely free.  

Think of this like a coming together of like-minded people, mentored by a few senior industry folks, who all want to hone their craft. Together we will be tackling topics that the industry is normally too afraid to talk about, celebrating what a good idea can really do.

So prepare yourselves for a relaxed evening of networking, creativity and a big cheers to some great ideas.

Find out more at our website: www.cheerstoideas.com

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