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The Right Pronoun_

Therapy launches its first ever App!

What's The Right Pronoun_?

The launch of The Right Pronoun app will allow anyone to convert content into any alternative pronoun.

A recent study has shown that over a third of the population identify as either ‘other, both or neither gender’. Indeed, we have seen a significant rise in people in the public eye identifying as non-binary, gender fluid or transgender.

As Richard explains: “This problem will not resonate with all those people who are comfortable in the gender they were born and raised with, but those who do identify differently are having to put up with the wrong prounoun many times a day. Every time they are referred to in the third person, it is by a pronoun to which they can’t relate.

“Imagine if you’re a woman but are endlessly called him or he in communications. Our identity is the most important thing we have as individuals, and being constantly misgendered can be wearing and unwittingly offensive.”

And to help businesses navigate the often confusing world of pronoun usage, Therapy has created a free app that allows anyone to enter a sentence or phrase and have all the personal pronouns converted to the appropriate term.

Pronouns available to swap on The Right Pronoun include ‘they’, ‘zie’, ‘xie’ as well as ‘fae’, ‘ae’, ‘e’, ‘ey’, ‘per’ and ‘ve’ – plus, of course, the more traditional ‘he’ and ‘she’.

Richard adds: “People don’t want to study and learn this new language, they just want to be told quickly and easily what the correct wording should be.

“It’s not just for use at an HR level, but for anyone working with a client or customer who identifies differently. Even if you have a general idea of what you should be saying, it can be hard to structure paragraphs – and to get the context right – when you are using unfamiliar language. The app removes all the stress and worry about getting it wrong.”

The Right Pronoun has this week been endorsed by trans charity Mermaids, whose CEO Susie Green said: “This tool is deceptively simple but hugely important for the trans community, giving clear guidance into the correct pronouns to use for individuals. Respect for gender presentation and pronouns is a key part of providing an inclusive environment for all, and we would like to see this tool used across educational and business organisations, to further effect inclusion and celebration of everyone’s unique identity.”

The app has a simple black and white design, stripped back to look like a 1980s video game to reflect the fact that this terminology has been around for far longer than most people realise.

To download the app, visit


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