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About Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky Lab is a global superpower in Internet Security. It ensures the online safety
of more than 400 million private users and 270,000 Corporate Clients
(from giant megaliths to small businesses).




The Story


In the old days, if a brand of that magnitude sought a global communications agency they’d choose from a handful of the largest networks in the agency world. A trusted safety-first formula that would ensure lots of bodies, lots of overheads and lots of meetings. 

In early 2013, Kaspersky made the decision to break from their big agency partner and try something more proactive, agile and innovative: a friendly, full-service operation from King’s Cross with a strategic head, creative heart and dancing feet. 

Media Therapy instantly wrapped our arms and legs around the brand in the way only we can, and Kaspersky’s global network has reaped the rewards – overhauling its big-spending rivals to become a world-leading Internet Security brand with an annual revenue of over $700m.




The Activity

In that time, Media Therapy has created award-winning Digital campaigns, TV and Press ads that completely repositioned a low-interest category, Outdoor advertising that turned heads all over the world and a Social Media campaign which achieved over 40 million impressions.




The Activity


We’ve produced over 1,600 trackable assets and 100 product demo films.

We created the brand’s central global content hub The Think Security Guide, as well as
The Kaspersky Campaign Portal – a fully interactive asset library for Kaspersky’s global
Marketing teams.

We’ve grown the brand’s B2B and B2C influence in over 100 markets,

working seamlessly with the brand’s partners and ambassadors to ignite the brand’s presence
and help reinvent a powerful player in the world of technology. 

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