About Help Me Stop 

Help Me Stop is an affordable and effective non-residential treatment for alcohol and drug problems that fits around daily life and costs as little as £2,500.  


With local authority funding for rehab hard to get, government centres being closed and private residential treatment prohibitively expensive, the Help Me Stop Dayhab programme provides a highly effective and much-needed new service. HMS allows more sufferers to get the help they need.  

Why we were excited

It is rare that we get the opportunity to help develop, define and launch an entirely new business into market. We were helped by having a model that was new and unique to the UK market, and a product that was priced attractively against a massively under-serviced audience. It was also a privilege to know that we were helping introduce a business whose purpose is to ensure many more people can get the rehabilitation help they need.

What did we do? 

Designed and launched a breakthrough customer proposition:

  • End-to-end from proposition design to delivery.

  • Wrote and defined the brand narrative.

  • Manifested this brand narrative within all aspects of the business, from communication (internal and external) through to every minute aspect of the customer experience.

  • Developed a truly disruptive concept.

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As Help Me Stop’s core strategic partner, we led work to better understand the customer, design the proposition and create the blueprint for a rehabilitation centre experience that will support long term recovery. Having developed the pilot, we are now working closely with Help Me Stop to scale up the service, with a plan to expand from one to twelve centres by the end of 2020.

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