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Designed and created to balance emotions, Bach Flower Remedies are a natural range of plant-derived essences retailing globally in health & wellness stores and online. With the growing global awareness of the importance of wellness and wellbeing, Bach natural products are a holistic answer to the frenetic and imbalanced lives we lead. 

            Bach’s goal for the campaign is to be the relevant & engaging brand leader in the emotional wellness category, capturing the hearts & minds of Bach practitioners, advocates, consumers & communities around the world.


The Brief


The target for the brief for Therapy was to increase global awareness of the Bach range of natural floral remedies by developing a strong platform for growth over five years.



Therapy deconstructed the brief and re-examined the marketplace in order to re-create Bach’s global range of marketing assets. With an existing and loyal brand following, we had to remain faithful to the central theme of Bach.


But with the target of developing the brand to higher levels of awareness, we wanted to hear the rallying cry of the consumer, to understand the heartbeat of the buyer, and to identify the core message of Bach and its various flower-based remedies.


global toolkit

 The Bach range includes 38 varieties of flower essences, each designed to improve emotional states in the consumer. With a varied and complex solution that’s unique to every consumer and their individual circumstances, we knew we had to focus on the simplicity of the brand benefits in order to raise awareness.

                        We focused on the individual and the experience. Bach’s target consumers are looking for ways to improve their life balance in the face of the challenges life puts in their way, so we based our re-brand and messaging around this personal approach. If Bach consumers weren’t happy with some elements of their lives, we thought that they’d want to be ‘more me’, so we positioned our messaging around that simple, essential premise: That Bach allows you to be you.

And so a new brand strapline was born: Bach – Let Me Be Me.

Bach campaign guidelines PDF_Page_03.jpg
Bach campaign guidelines PDF_Page_13.jpg

emotional expert



hidden camera


Bach supports, inspires and celebrates our personal desires to be more ‘me’. We positioned our branding and messaging to reinforce this unique approach with social media focussing on the daily challenges we all face. We created hidden-camera videos with real users showing their genuine emotions in a coffee shop location, with a focus on the pay-off message that Bach supports you to be more you, in the moments when you feel less you.


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Our results? Well, this is a case study, not a fanfare, but… we like to think we did ok. Our target audiences of women from 24 – 54 responded in droves to our creative and to the brand messaging, with higher penetration and lower cost-per-view on Facebook and YouTube channels. Views came from our targeted verticals of health and wellness, meaning that not only did the creative work, but the positioning performed beyond expectation too.

            Overall, we raised awareness globally amongst the target audiences with a lower CPV and a higher penetration and completion rate than forecast.


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