Experience the Exceptional

The brief for Arm & Hammer was a bit of dream – cut through the boring tropes of toothpaste advertising and wake up customers, who were otherwise sleepwalking toward their usual purchase.  A dream brief, because the opposite of ‘boring’ is ‘fun’ and fun means go nuts, right?

Right, but what’s fun about toothpaste? Enter the Arm & Hammer super fans. Across social media, this lot love coming up with exceptionally elaborate, barmy ways to describe what it feels like to use this particular toothpaste.

“A minty fresh wave crashing over your teeth” – mouthtastic

“A fizz bomb in my mouth” – tinglicious

And so on. What a gift, a great jumping-off point for a crazy series of animations twisted around the usual boring category norms. A chance to show what it feels like to experience the exceptional deep clean of Arm & Hammer. Our campaign, Experience the Exceptional was born.

We were in good hands working with Kate Moross – bringing a breadth of experience working with major brands and bands. Her unique style as a designer, illustrator and director ensured our super-fans sentiments were brought to life in a series of energetic, colourful spots. First in the category to draw influence from both Anchorman and Hayao Miyazaki, maybe. Fun? Sure.