You can do better

Toothpaste advertising has become formulaic and bland. Consumers have come to accept the category as something to be tolerated. Or (more likely) ignored. For Arm & Hammer, it was time to shake things up – to get consumers to pay attention to the category, and in doing so, reconsider their predictable brand choice.

Enter stage left, right, and everywhere else, the embodiment of better, Life Coach ­– a deliciously mutinous and outspoken brand ambassador who’s here to tell the world, ‘You Can Do Better!’

What gives Arm & Hammer the right to say this? Baking soda, baby. It’s a natural ingredient that whitens, cleans, and fights the cause of sensitivity. It’s better in every way.

The campaign reached out to those consumers who demand that little bit more out of life, love and toothpaste. It spoke to those discerning folks who don’t just accept the ‘acceptable’. For the first time in a long time, Oral Care advertising wasn’t average. It was better.


Client: Arm & Hammer

SCOPE: Integrated Campaign