The Sound of Progress

At the weekend I decided to have a clear out of that ‘stuff’ drawer in the kitchen. There were two things I discovered: I’m surprised I haven’t yet made an appearance on ‘Hoarders’ An old Nokia 3310 I won’t dwell on the first for too long but the second, the indestructible mobile device, got me...
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Vegetarian Illustration

Veggie for a Week!

Recently, myself and some colleagues from Therapy challenged ourselves to go veggie for National Vegetarian Week. And to be honest, it wasn’t that hard. As a Filipino who was raised in an environment where eating meat was part of the culture, I thought I would struggle or even give up as soon as I saw...
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The Monster of the Pacific

In 1997 a Californian surfer named Charles Moore was heading home from a sailing race in Hawaii. Exhausted from the event, Moore decided to take a short cut across the edge of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Seafarers had long avoided that region; it’s a perennial high-pressure zone that sits under a massive, slow-moving vortex...
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Press the Reset Button

As well as 3,000,000,000 users now on social, I’m going to throw another spanner in the works; not only are things getting a little busy in the world of social, but also people’s attention spans are decreasing. I recently read an article that said, of the 3 billion users now on social, 2.87 billion are...
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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should – An AD’s Plea

Another day, another ‘cutting-edge’ feature for marketers to take advantage of. We’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing how best to delicately slip our well-balanced, carefully crafted content into the everyday lives of our consumers. “What a time to be alive!” some might say - “Whatever will they create next?” - Surely,...
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Profitable Addiction

Profitable Addiction

The first hit is always free About seven years ago, I was working as a Group Brand Manager at a Consumer Healthcare company. I was responsible for a couple of challenger brands that needed to grow their market share with pretty small budgets. Social media was not new, but it was yet to be fully...
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Vertical Ideas

He’s Banging on about Vertical Video Again.

He’s banging on about vertical video again. Like most people, I have dropped my phone on my face while looking at it in bed. Chances are I was trying to watch a piece of content on my Facebook timeline which was in the wrong format. This lead to a lot of squinting, some shuffling, some...
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Let’s Make Oralcare Interesting…

60 YEARS OF BORE-ALCARE Our dreams use metaphors to help our subconscious make sense of the modern world’s fractured, confusing stimulus. And it’s amazing how often our subconscious uses teeth as symbolism for our emotions: tensions like transition, insecurity and loss are played out through metaphors of our teeth breaking, rotting or disappearing… It’s a reminder...
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Follow Leader 2

The False Economy of Following the Leader

It’s hard not to feel sympathetic for Consumer Healthcare brands that feel a little nervous about standing out. That conservative culture around the category was born of a desire to do good; shaped by regulations created to protect the consumer. Whilst regulation is not the only reason consumer healthcare marketing has become a little tame, it’s...
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Social targeting becomes ever more advanced. Through social media advertising targeting options are endless, allowing advertisers to reach very specific groups of people who may be otherwise difficult to speak to. This evolves on an almost daily basis, with new developments this month from Facebook and LinkedIn. Following the introduction of Facebook Pixel, which allows...
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